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BRCA-MoNet is a drug Mode of Action (MoA) Network designed specific for human breast cancer. It takes advantage of the Connectivity Map project (cMap) and includes 504 drugs grouped under 108 MoAs for breast cancer.

BRCA-MoNet can be used to predict similar/reverse drug effect in breast cancer and recommend drugs for breast cancer treatment.

1. Similar/opposite drug effect prediction

  • Goal: Predict the MoAs and drugs that have similar or reverse effect to a query drug in Breast Cancer (BRCA).
  • Input file: A gene expression profile of BRCA cell line or tissue samples treated by the query drug.
  • Prediction type:
    i. Select 'Similar' for similar effect prediction
    ii. Select 'Reverse' for reverse effect prediction
Input file:

Prediction Type: Similar Reverse

2. Drug recommendation for breast cancer treatment

  • Goal: Recommend MoAs and drugs for Breast Cancer (BRCA) treatment.
  • Input: A gene expression profile of a BRCA patient sample
Input file:

Input data platform and format

The query data should contain logarithm expression fold changes (treated vs. control; BRCA vs. normal) calculated from expression profiles, preferably generated by Affymatrix HG-U133A microarray (GPL96) platform. The data file should follow the required format (See Instruction).